Fashionable Anti smog Respirator

April 17, 2020

This mask is designed with nylon + neoprene fabric. It is entirely dustproof, windproof and gives full Protection against viruses and smog. Since it is tailored by combining two materials, these fabrics are mixed in the composition that could make the resultant cloth soft, smooth, elastic, and durable. The nose clip attached to it is made of aluminum, which can be adjusted to fit your face in such a way that it covers it completely to leave no open space for smog or other pollutants to enter your body through your nose or mouth. It also has a carbon filter.

It is an excellent mask that gives 100% protection to the user if worn in the right manner. Since this mask is undoubtedly different from the other covers in so many ways, it has an added benefit in Protection against flu also.

This mask not only protects you from pollutants, but the lively scenic beauty also fills a tinge of colors to your overall look. This anti-dust respirator works wonders to protect you against bacteria and viruses and ensures good personal health.
Along with the Protection, it is something that improves looks and becomes part of a stylish outfit. It has adjustable loops and made of very comfortable fabric and hence is very skin-friendly to wear. It is one of the best choices for Fashionistas out there because of the pattern and the color blast.

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